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Getting Things Done With Old Legacy Code

No developer loves working with old code, but it's a reality. Here are some real-world scenarios and advice on how to effectively work with legacy code.

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Principles of Successful Software Teams

Leading a software team on a large project is no small feat. Senior Software Engineer, Josh Miller provides wisdom and guiding principles on how to achieve success.

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Want To Become a Developer? Here's How I Did It

Becoming a developer is not some mysterious, unobtainable skill-set. It just takes some time and dedication to learning. Here's some practical firsthand advice on getting there.

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Vulcand: Live Long and Proxy

Skookum Principal Software Engineer, Glenn Goodrich looks at the API Gateway Pattern and its place in the newly emergent world of Microservices, including an example using Vulcand Proxy.

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Why Learning Rails is Still a Great Choice in 2016

Skookum's Principal Software Engineer, Glenn Goodrich provides an overview and insights (and a [book](!) on why Rails (which has been arou

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Smartphone Apps are the Perfect Companion to the Internet of Things

Anyone who has embarked on an IoT project knows that one of the most difficult parts of realizing success is securely connecting your smart device to your backend infrastructure. This blog post explor

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