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More than a decade ago, two friends and fellow UNC Charlotte alumni, James Hartsell and Bryan Delaney, took a leap of faith. They left secure jobs on a mission that held more promise and purpose: collaborate with innovative clients in growing organizations to solve their most pressing and complex technology challenges. Getting started wasn’t easy, but with determination, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to quality, Skookum was born.

Today, those same principles unite a team of talented business, design and technology professionals around a strong set of values focused on giving clients what they need.

It’s only fitting that the name Skookum by definition means: brave, strong, and marked by excellence in quality. It defines Skookum's culture and our promise to those we work with.

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Good software is great for business. It takes grit and a solid approach to envision and deliver a quality solution. Together, we'll help you evolve to the forefront of digital.