We’ve helped global brands...

Quickly create proofs of concept

To pitch, prototype, test, & validate new ideas

Modernize & optimize existing apps

So they look better & work better

Design innovative, new products

That improve lives & transform businesses

Design that helps your customers and company succeed

Our team does the research to deeply understand your users. We design experiences that enable them to accomplish their goals quickly and seamlessly. From wireframes and prototypes to high-fidelity designs, we provide full-service design support to deliver best-in-class products and applications to your customers.

Our Design Offerings

Wireframes and Prototyping

Our adaptation of the Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology (ask us how it’s different) helps you envision what your business model, software product, or service could look like, plus gather early feedback. By building wireframes (similar to blueprints) or an interactive prototype and testing it with real users, we quickly validate an innovation before making a larger investment.

Application Design

We believe great UI/UX design is about more than making a digital product look good. It’s about making it work well for your users and business. When we design an app, we focus on three priorities: making sure it’s intuitive for users; turning complex data and workflows into simple, easy experiences; and adding delight to even the dullest processes. This approach leads to real results.

Design Transformation

Don't let outdated systems and complex technology weigh your business down. Skookum can partner with you to transform legacy applications, enable mobile/responsive experiences, or aggregate functionality from de-centralized solutions.

Design Systems

Leading companies are turning to unified design systems: managed libraries of consistent, repeatable design elements that designers and developers can leverage across the organization. Skookum creates and operationalizes design systems to help organizations avoid or overcome the challenges of scale so your team can work faster while creating more cohesive experiences.

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