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Our team does the research to deeply understand your users. We design experiences that enable them to accomplish their goals quickly and seamlessly. From wireframes and prototypes to high-fidelity designs, we provide full-service design support to deliver best-in-class products and applications to your customers.

We Can Help You...

Make risk less risky

Quickly go from concept to clickable prototype

Accelerate learning and uncover blind spots with user feedback

Our Offerings (Rapid Prototyping)

Proof of Concept

If your technology aspirations are bold, a Proof of Concept (POC) phase is an economical first step towards realizing the bigger vision. Our POC teams develop lightweight prototypes to test interactions or technologies. Whether the outcome is pitch or pivot, we give you tangible evidence to mitigate risk, inform product direction, and achieve buy-in.

Design Sprints

Skookum’s adaptation of the Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology helps you envision what your business model, software product, or service could look like, plus gather early feedback. By quickly building an interactive prototype and testing it with real users, you can quickly ideate and validate an innovation before making a larger investment.

Usability Testing

Effective feedback and shared learning are crucial for success. We bake testing into the innovation process to quickly test hypotheses with real users, accelerate learning, and inform business and design decisions. With our testing insights and recommendations in hand, you’ll have all the information needed to proceed with confidence.

Build vs. Buy Assessment

Should you build your new product or experience in house, or buy a third party solution? Find the answer through our Build vs. Buy Assessment. With our help comparing existing technologies vs. a custom build, you can quickly understand all of your options and evaluate the best path forward.

Software Rollout Pilot

Want to test your new concept, prototype, or solution with real people? Skookum can offload this responsibility from your team to not only save time, but also ensure you get the data and insights needed to take the next step.

Kind Words from Our Clients

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I showed up to Skookum with one new product idea. One entered development, one was launched, and one is succeeding and is now in v2.0.

Dorron Margalit

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