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The first step to digital success

Our Perspective

Wondering what opportunities your organization could pursue and what you should do next?

Ensure you solve the right problems for the right people

Visualize the end-to-end customer experience

Uncover opportunities, and define clear next steps

Why Skookum

From idea to implementation,
we start wherever you are

We help you answer those questions and more. With Skookum’s help creating a holistic digital strategy and designing your customer experience, your team can drive self-service, acquire new customers, increase retention, leverage new channels in a smart way, and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Journey Mapping
  • User Empathy Research
  • Experience Strategy & Design
  • Flexible Engagements
  • Actionable Next Steps
  • Relentless Prioritization

Flexible Engagements

We don't have boilerplate plans or predetermined
steps in our first engagement with you

Instead, our team takes time to understand where your firm and your product are so we can identify the best starting point. We start with the research you have, leverage your knowledge, and build from your established foundation.

Actionable Next Steps

Defining the target outcome is one
of the first steps, not the last

Once we know where we’re going, we help you outline a logical path to get there. Along the way, we’ll help you navigate uncertainties and determine the best path forward. With this type of action-oriented consulting, we all stay focused on the problems at hand and the work it will take to solve them.

Relentless Prioritization

We help you focus and move forward

Time and attention are finite. That’s why it’s just as important to define the work that won’t be done as it is to define what will be done. Our relentless prioritization not only provides better product definition, but also keeps everyone laser-focused on what's most important.

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