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Wondering what opportunities you could pursue and what you should do next? We help develop a holistic digital strategy for your product or service that answers those questions. With our research and strategic guidance, your organization can digitize processes to drive self-service, acquire new customers, increase retention, leverage new channels intelligently and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Digital Strategy Offerings

Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps are a collaborative way to understand how people experience your product or service through every touchpoint and channel. At Skookum, we help teams map their customer’s experience to relevant information such as key metrics, employee interactions, and communication touchpoints. Skookum strategists identify customer pain points,potential opportunities, and help prioritize these actionable insights into the state experience.

Experience Strategy & Design

We begin with an experience analysis of your current product or need, followed by a facilitated workshop to review the current customer experience and moments of truth, resolve key experience decision points, and brainstorm potential solutions to customer pain points. Based on the workshop outcomes, we work with you to map the target state customer journey, identify gaps in research, surface opportunities for user testing, and prioritize a backlog or wish list for your new experience.

User Empathy Research

The most successful apps and digital experiences are designed with the user’s needs and desires in mind. Through discovery sessions, interviews, focus groups, shop-alongs, call center listening, and other qualitative research, our team gains a deep understanding of your customers’ feeling about your current product or service. We use that data to inform your digital strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a voice of the customer (VoC) document to guide future design and development.

Creative Productions

You have an amazing product, service, idea, or initiative, but how can you effectively communicate it to your audience? Through digital storytelling. We help you design video animations and creative visuals to share your story with customers and employees in an engaging way.


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Understanding the Problem: Getting to the Heart of What Your Tech is Meant to Solve

Are you focusing too much on the solution? Failing to understand the problem itself can render even the best technology useless.

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