A flexible model that allows you to engage your way

Some clients want to leverage our people and processes, while others just need our talent. That’s where our Collaborative Services come into play. Whether you need additional people, an outsider’s perspective, or skills unavailable within your team, we can help. Our people work alongside yours, either on-site or off-site, to get your project across the finish line.

We Can Help You...

Solve complex problems by embedding industry experts into your team

Add missing skills or capacity to complete projects and meet deadlines

Gain a partner with deep experience and subject matter expertise

Our Offerings (Collaborative)

Embedded Talent

Add capacity, fill skill gaps, and accomplish your goals with the help of our talent. Away Teams bring technical, operational, and project leadership skills to solve problems, then train your people to manage it. Individual Specialists join you for a short engagement or the entire product lifecycle, then document and share everything with your team.


Before your developers ever write one line of code, we provide the necessary guidance and vision needed to solve technical problems, create products, and design new solutions. Call on our Software and Solution Architects as well as our Product Strategists to help identify ways to better position your product, or test and prove ideas and strategies faster.

Delivery & DevOps Consulting

Delivering software efficiently, effectively, and in an automated fashion is vital. Whether you need assistance with on-premise applications, public or private cloud solutions, physical or virtual machines, Docker or other container-based solutions, Kubernetes or OpenShift orchestration, and more, we can provide the expertise you need to reach your goals.

Project Rescue

When things get out of control, we help you get back on track. Our team can diagnose your problems and create metrics to monitor and track those issues. Then, we develop a plan to course correct based on measured and proven techniques. Once the project is complete, we perform a post-mortem to help you capture opportunities for improvement for next time.

Proactive Support

We go beyond the basics of support by proactively monitoring your key performance metrics to suggest improvements, ideas, and insights that help you build better products and services. Whether your product was built by you, us, or another organization, we can help you support and maintain it in production.

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