Ensure it looks as good as it works.

Aesthetics can make or break a product's success. Through human-centered design, our team helps you craft attractive, meaningful software experiences that align with your digital strategy and delight your users.

Offering Deliverables

High-Fidelity Mockups

These designs are particularly helpful for gathering feedback and gaining stakeholder buy-in because they are highly visual and show how the application’s aesthetics (color palette, texture, typography, graphics, etc.) will look on screen.

Interactive Prototype

Skookum creates low-fidelity wireframes (or screen blueprints) of your product, then connects them together into a clickable design prototype. This prototype provides a preview of how the product will actually look and work, making it easier to clearly present your ideas to other stakeholders, validate your concept, and fix usability flaws early in the process.

Style Guide

Your style guide defines a set of design standards to ensure each designer, developer, and project stakeholder maintains consistency when making design changes or adding new features to your product or service.

Design System

Your design system contains a blueprint of how design elements (color, interface elements, technology considerations, HTML/CSS across various platforms, etc.) work together, providing a common visual language between all the designers, developers, and stakeholders who are working on your project.

Usability Testing

Usability testing seeks to validate assumptions, test hypotheses, evaluate users’ reactions to your product, as well as test the product’s ability to facilitate key user tasks. Skookum provides a plan that articulates the goals, methodologies, script, and results structure, providing an easy-to-follow guide for usability testing before, during, or after development.

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