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Technology connects you to your customers and your employees to each other. Whether you want to create more meaningful customer experiences, increase collaboration, or reduce the cost of ownership, our team helps you get the most value from your technology investments while mitigating risk.

Offering Deliverables

Systems Architecture Diagram

Mapping out your current technology universe helps mitigate the risk that comes with change. Skookum’s audit method involves reviewing systems and integration points, evaluating capacity to integrate, taking an inventory of data, and examining interdepencies between systems and users. The result of this process is an analysis and action plan to successfully improve existing technology or create an innovative new solution.

Code Analysis

Conducting code audits and analyses from time to time maintains the quality of your code base. Our team provides an unbiased review to spot security vulnerabilities, opportunities to implement best practices, and design patterns that can extend the lifespan of your code.

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