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Staying on top of maintenance enables users to get the most out of their tools, even as their needs or business requirements evolve. From monitoring system health, to making updates and fixes, to adding new features, Skookum serves as the support partner who keeps your software running smoothly.

Offering Deliverables

Managed Services

Launching software is only the beginning. Whether you need hosting and monitoring of servers, or a team to support your software in production, Skookum can help. From monitoring analytics and crash reports, to patching hotfixes, to managing production, we have the teams and tools to resolve problems today and prevent issues tomorrow.

Team Augmentation

One of the biggest challenges with development is finding people who have the technical abilities to do the job and the right personality to fit seamlessly into your culture. Whether you need a complete team or one person with a specialized skill set, we’ll provide an efficient way to scale your technical resources that will save you time and control costs.

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