Avoid spending time and money building the wrong product.

A solid product strategy can increase revenue, profitability, and market share — but only if it’s backed by careful planning. Skookum is here to help analyze your business strategy, evaluate consumer markets, and assess technology so you can plan a compelling product and minimize costly mistakes.

Offering Deliverables

User Flow Diagram

User flow diagrams outline the path the user will take as they engage with your product or service both digitally and physically. The flow informs storyboards, design direction, and content needs, while creating a foundation for developing the user experience.

Concept Design Summary

The design concept summary is a strategy document that ensures everyone is aligned before beginning design and development. It recaps and articulates your product vision statement, product positioning, audiences, and problems to be solved. It also provides an overview of the solution, including decision-making rationale, findings from user testing, and risks or considerations for future implementation.

Interactive Prototype

Skookum creates low-fidelity wireframes (or screen blueprints) of your product, then connects them together into a clickable design prototype. This prototype provides a preview of how the product will actually look and work, making it easier to clearly present your ideas to other stakeholders, validate your concept, and fix usability flaws early in the process.

Usability Testing

Usability testing seeks to validate assumptions, test hypotheses, evaluate users’ reactions to your product, as well as test the product’s ability to facilitate key user tasks. Skookum provides a plan that articulates the goals, methodologies, script, and results structure, providing an easy-to-follow guide for usability testing.

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