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The most successful implementations begin long before the first keystroke. Our team works with you to fully understand your technology environment, assess business consumption, and define a strategy that achieves your goals with the appropriate pace of change.

Offering Deliverables

Technical Evaluation

When performing a technical evaluation, Skookum maps your existing systems architecture and conducts a code audit to create an implementation strategy that fits with your IT environment, considers dependencies, and mitigates risk.

Business & User Requirements

Gathering requirements upfront minimizes the risk of failure. That’s why Skookum takes a structured approach to requirements gathering. This process can include documenting your list of stakeholders, the problem statement your product is solving, business goals, scope, assumptions, constraints/risks, system users, and process workflows.

Architecture Review

By developing an architectural blueprint for your new system or new version, Skookum’s team and your technical stakeholders can perform a rigorous, collaborative peer review to ensure the right decisions are being made.

Technical Recommendation

Looking for an expert’s guidance on the best technology to use in your unique situation? Our team considers your needs today, as well as future business requirements such as the need to scale, costs, and security. Then we provide a technology recommendation that offers a concise overview of application platform considerations and a deployment/launch strategy that best fits the needs of your organization.

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