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Skookum’s holistic approach to digital strategy helps you build and execute a plan to accomplish your business goals. Through a quick yet rigorous assessment, we identify issues and pinpoint untapped digital opportunities that save you time, effort, and money.

Offering Deliverables

User Analysis

Analytics, demographics, and market research paint a picture about audience behavior, but the real magic is the insights that come out of observing and interacting with real people. Uncovering their needs, motivations, and frustrations through user analysis is just one of the ways we help define and create relevant, engaging customer experiences.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape is critical for identifying where your business has an edge. Our systematic approach to competitive analysis helps reveal opportunities and weaknesses to inform your product, service, portfolio, or go-to-market strategy.

Solution Strategy Executive Summary

The Solution Strategy Summary is valuable for internal communication and obtaining stakeholder buy-in. This executive summary is a non-technical description of the business situation, main problem, and recommended solution, including a feasibility analysis and assessment of how the solution aligns with your business and/or technology strategy.

Information Architecture

Information architecture serves as a foundation for experience design by helping users understand their surroundings, navigate around, and quickly find what they’re looking for on any channel or device. With Skookum’s information architecture expertise, your team can cut through the glut of information, organize it, and make it easily understandable for your users.

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