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Collaboration and iteration are the keys to fast, reliable development. Using continuous integration and delivery methods, our seasoned developers blend speed and thorough testing to create impeccable software that works exactly as you intended.

Offering Deliverables

Status Demo

Skookum’s adaptive software development process accelerates delivery while maintaining quality. With each development sprint, our team provides a status demo to illustrate the progress that has been made. This demo encourages transparency and collaboration between your stakeholders and the project team, creates mutual accountability, and makes delivery more predictable.

Software Deployment

You have high expectations for your software, and our high standards ensure we meet them. Our continuous integration and delivery methods include running unit tests, completing quality assurance (QA), creating a staging environment for user acceptance testing (UAT), and providing documentation for API usage. We also can assist with deploying your product to production.

App Store Submission

After submitting products to the App Store hundreds of times, Skookum has the knowledge to navigate the review process to ensure your app meets store requirements and gets approved quickly.

App Migration

Whether you’re moving data to a new system or to the cloud, our technology team follow change control best practices to help ensure a seamless conversion to the new environment and future readiness — all with minimal disruption to day-to-day business.

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