Pedro Rodriquez

What do you do here?

QA Analyst. We are responsible for ensuring Skookum delivers the highest quality product to the market as possible. We work tightly with the developers and the product team to coordinate the testing schedule and to make sure all issues/bugs and concerns are brought forward. 2014 is going to be a big year for QA and the QA process as we work to perfect our machine.

How long have you been at SDW?

15 months

Why do you want to live and work in Charlotte?

Charlotte is young thriving city with a lot of future potential!

Why work at SDW?

Are you kidding me? We get free goldfish!

So you are a very proud University of South Florida alum. Its not a college some people may be very familiar with, tell everybody something interesting about it.

Funny thing it is actually not "that" south. USF is in Tampa which is really more central than south. Fun fact: USF football was actually ranked #2 in the BCS standings in 2008. It is actually a MASSIVE school with more then 47,000 students.

I did both my undergrad and masters there which is why i have so much green and gold pride.

University of South Florida Bull Mascot *The University of "Not-So South" Florida. Go Bulls! *

Drop some knowledge.

I ate a heart of a snake in a village in Vietnam. They literally cut it out of a live snake, put it my hand and I took care of the rest. The meal was later followed by shots of the snake bile and blood, both mixed with rice wine. Got pics to prove.

Nuh uh.

Yes huh.

Guy holding a snake in Vietnam

Pedro vs. Snake Heart

Pedro after snake heart

You realize Skookum's vegetarians are now going to protest outside of the QA office, right?

Josh, Tessa & Mark collectively decided to give me a pass for the snake story since I ride a bike to work.

Suspect logic, but we'll chalk it all up to Vietnam, man.

No rules there, dude.