Skookum provides digital strategy, design and development services to help lenders address rising costs, reduce inefficiencies and deliver faster, more personalized borrower experiences.

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Gain a competitive advantage

A state-of-the art, customized experience, enables borrowers to self-serve and helps lenders capture customer information and convert applications to loans faster.

Lower costs and operate more efficiently

Automation of the loan origination process saves time, reduces paper, ensures more accurate data collection and visibility. Ultimately, it produces higher quality applications, enables powerful analytics, and frees up loan officers to focus on more strategic business.

Speed time to market

Skookum integration services and adaptive development approach empower lenders to build quality custom solutions or integrate commercial off-the-shelf products quickly and efficiently.

A flexible approach to deliver results that fit your business.

Start small and scale, build or integrate a new product – or modernize a legacy system; whatever the business need, our team of professionals bring technical depth, best practices and experience from financial services and a variety of industries to help you achieve results and prepare for the future. A selection of our clients:

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Full Suite of Services

Digital Strategy

Plan a smart course for growth.

Skookum’s holistic approach to digital strategy helps you build and execute a plan to accomplish your business goals. Through a quick yet rigorous assessment, we identify issues and pinpoint untapped digital opportunities that save you time, effort, and money.

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Tech Assessment

Assess before you invest.

Technology connects you to your customers and your employees to each other. Whether you want to create more meaningful customer experiences, increase collaboration, or reduce the cost of ownership, our team helps you get the most value from your technology investments while mitigating risk.

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Product Design

Avoid investing in the wrong product.

A solid product strategy can increase revenue, profitability, and market share — but only if it’s backed by careful planning. Skookum is here to help analyze your business strategy, evaluate consumer markets, and assess technology so you can plan a compelling product and minimize costly mistakes.

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Proof of Concept

Make risk less risky.

One of the biggest challenges in product and service design is knowing you're solving the right problem. Skookum’s process leverages short feedback cycles to constantly deliver value, check feasibility, and close any gaps between expectations and reality.

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Visual Design

Ensure it looks as good as it works.

Aesthetics can make or break a product's success. Through human-centered design, our team helps you craft attractive, meaningful software experiences that align with your digital strategy and delight your users.

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Implementation Strategy

From complexity to clarity.

The most successful implementations begin long before the first keystroke. Our team works with you to fully understand your technology environment, assess business consumption, and define a strategy that achieves your goals with the appropriate pace of change.

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Move quickly without sacrificing quality.

Collaboration and iteration are the keys to fast, reliable development. Using continuous integration and delivery methods, our seasoned developers blend speed and thorough testing to create impeccable software that works exactly as you intended.

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Get the right help, when you need it.

Staying on top of maintenance enables users to get the most out of their tools, even as their needs or business requirements evolve. From monitoring system health, to making updates and fixes, to adding new features, Skookum serves as the support partner who keeps your software running smoothly.

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System Integration

Optimize Business Performance.

Quality integration and business systems communication is the lifeblood of every organization. Whether your applications are legacy or greenfield concepts, our team will seamlessly and accurately connect systems to become the business solutions that will support the dynamic needs of your organization.

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