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Who is Service Pros?

Service Pros is a flooring installation company with over 150 employees and 27 locations throughout the eastern United States. They are the preferred flooring installer for Lowe’s Home Improvement.

The Challenge

Service Pros’ project and client management software was slow, unreliable, inflexible, and unable to integrate with the Lowe’s Home Improvement system. Trying to retrofit their business processes to work with the software was causing a multitude of issues with reporting, analyzing profits, and scaling. Service Pros reached out to Skookum for help building a more scalable operations system that would drive efficiency for their employees and flooring installers, thereby improving their quality of life.


The Solution

Skookum planned, designed, and developed Service Pros Operational Tool, also known as SPOT 3. SPOT 3 is a scheduling, CRM, inventory, and process management application designed for ease of use and scalability. It integrates seamlessly with Service Pros’ accounting software for instant invoicing, accurate reporting, and easy management of job expenses and materials.


With SPOT 3 in place, Service Pros has automated tasks related to manual data entry, purchasing coordination, invoicing, and making status updates.

saves 30,000 hours a year

by automating tasks and data entry, and reducing load time

eliminates outages

that left the organization at a standstill

scaleable solution

allowing Service Pros to keep up with their rapid growth


“In our old system, we had to create workarounds. For example, we could only schedule one appointment at a time per project, which was a problem because installer pay is tied to appointments. Now with SPOT 3, we can add as many appointments as needed, while keeping our subcontractor payroll organized.”

—Service Pros Office Manager


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