Work Design

Putting patients
in control of
lab work

Client Leading Diagnostic Lab Firm

This firm is one of the top two diagnostic labs in the country, with specialties in urine and blood tests. With almost 50,000 employees, the company annually serves one in three adult Americans and half the physicians and hospitals in the United States.

What we did

A scalable, self-service
patient portal


  • Experience Design and Strategy
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development


  • Healthcare

The Challenge

This company wanted to provide more direct-to-consumer experiences so people don’t have to visit a doctor to
get diagnostic tests

With a new patient portal, they envisioned empowering patients with more control to manage their activity, purchase lab tests, and schedule appointments at testing centers.

The Solution

Skookum planned, designed, and developed an
e-commerce platform and self-service patient portal

Now, instead of going to their doctor, patients can go online to purchase urine or blood tests and schedule appointments at testing centers. Then, they can access their results through the portal.

The new platform also has the latest front-end technology and cloud-native architecture for greater scalability.

The Value

The lab’s new direct-to-consumer platform puts patients in control of their diagnostic tests and empowers the company to scale in the future

The experience of shopping for tests and viewing results is now simple, fast, and easy for patients. The platform’s architecture also uses a consistent code framework for easier maintenance and supports shared component libraries for future expansion.

  • Empowered patients by enabling the ability to manage personal lab tests

    This product eliminates the need to go to a doctor for diagnostics

  • Improved maintenance processes

    Leveraged consistent code frameworks to improve the maintenance process

  • Laid the groundwork for scaling

    Built shared component libraries to help with scaling the application