Founded in 2007 by some of the most legendary innovators in motorsports, JRi Shocks (JRi) produces the most technologically advanced, highest-performance suspension systems in the world.


JRi was looking for a way to allow customers in their two key markets — offroad and high-performance car enthusiasts — to remotely adjust their shocks without the hassle of installing a wired control device or getting out of the vehicle to manually change them.


Skookum advised JRi on the creation of a solution that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to send a signal from the shock to the driver’s mobile device. With this system, drivers can remotely adjust the rebound and compression on their shocks without ever leaving the vehicle and pre-program settings to automatically optimize performance as they switch terrains. Plus, they have more control over the shocks, with the ability to fine-tune settings and parts independently or simultaneously.


With Skookum’s help, JRi introduced the first smartphone-adjustable shock system that improves the driver experience by saving time, providing more control and eliminating the need to exit the vehicle or touch hot parts to change settings. The company now has a significant competitive advantage, in addition to reinforcing their reputation as an industry innovator.

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