Work Strategy

Improving the
Experience Inside
and Out

Client Top Five Bank

This bank is one of the largest in the country. It employs over 259,000 people, serves one in three U.S. households, and has a market capitalization of over $222 billion.

What we did

Uncovered challenges
& opportunities


  • Customer Experience Strategy


  • Financial Services

Standardize processes for better
employee and customer experiences

The Challenge

After over 20 years of mergers and acquisitions, the bank realized their processes for completing certain transactions (e.g., stopping a payment or getting a refund for an overdraft) were not consistent across the organization or across channels, which was creating substantial issues for staff and customers.

The Solution

Skookum partnered with multiple teams at
the bank to create, maintain and implement
22 journey maps

Skookum became the bank’s journey mapping agency of record to help make these processes more consistent, deliver better customer experiences, and identify new opportunities for ongoing improvement and innovation. We analyze which problems need to be solved, create and maintain 22 interactive journey maps, provide the tools and teams to socialize the journey maps within the bank, and ensure the output is actionable.

Journey Map

A collaborative way to understand how people experience the service through every touchpoint and channel

We help teams map their customer’s experience to relevant information such as key metrics, employee interactions, and communication touchpoints. Our strategists identify customer pain points, potential opportunities, and help prioritize these actionable insights into the state experience.

The Value

With Skookum’s journey mapping expertise, the bank has broken
down silos and aligned disparate teams around the customer experience

Together, we have identified key areas of opportunity and innovation that have increased efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

  • Shaped a more consistent customer experience

    We standardized processes across channels to make the customer experience more consistent.

  • Eliminated inefficiencies

    By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, we accelerated customer service processes

  • Encouraging ongoing improvement

    Supporting maintenance and innovation to ensure ongoing improvement