Client Summary

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is a nonprofit organization that conducts research, development, and demonstration projects to help engineers prevent power failures.


EPRI needed a way to take decades of printed reports and make that information easily accessible to power station engineers in the field, who have the technical, high-pressure job of maintaining power systems. These engineers often need to make fast decisions to avoid power failures that affect productivity and safety for millions of people — a difficult task when the guidance needed to make those decisions is stuck in lengthy paper reports sitting on an office shelf.


Skookum created a responsive, cross-platform mobile app that houses 25+ years of knowledge in digital form, making it easy for field engineers to quickly access the information they need to assess crucial situations and make decisions with confidence. The app also includes analytics so EPRI can evaluate the types of information engineers are using, and opportunities for improvement.


EPRI’s mobile solution provides power station field engineers with information at their fingertips so they can make mission-critical decisions anytime, anywhere. Engineers now have fast access to EPRI’s vast collection of engineering data, which has helped them save time, reduce risk, and maintain public safety. The app’s analytics also equipped the organization with valuable data to help EPRI improve the product and better serve their customers/members.

"We’re taking about 25 years of experience … and compressing it into a piece of software that provides near-immediate answers to sometimes difficult questions."

John Siefert, Project Manager, EPR