Work Software Development

the Homebuying

Client Ellie Mae

This real estate fintech firm is a leading provider of innovative, on-demand software for the residential mortgage industry.

What we did

A self-service
portal that saves
everyone time


  • Experience Design and Strategy
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Software Development


  • Fintech

The Challenge

Ellie Mae wanted to make it easier for borrowers and lenders to complete loan applications, while leveraging technology to maintain their competitive advantage

By automating the loan origination process, Ellie Mae hoped to save time and improve the experience for their primary customer (lenders) and lenders’ primary customers (borrowers).

The Solution

Skookum partnered with Ellie Mae to create an all-in-one mortgage management solution that improves compliance, loan quality, and efficiency

We worked together to define the ideal experience for both lenders and borrowers, create UX designs, develop the architecture strategy to enable a cross-platform experience, and prioritize features for development. Since Skookum has an in-depth knowledge of the platform’s APIs, we also extended its value through seamless integrations that make it easier to rapidly build and deploy new custom applications.

The Value

Ellie Mae’s new self-service platform automates the loan origination process to improve the experience for both borrowers and lenders

Borrowers can now complete their mortgage application online 24/7. Then, the solution automates the origination process to save lenders time. By helping both parties, Ellie MAe can provide a superior solution and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Enabled 24/7 self-service for borrowers

    Now borrowers can complete their own applications anytime

  • Automated the loan origination process

    Making it easier for lenders by automating the origination process

  • Saving time for both parties

    Accelerated the mortgage application and closing processes