Client Summary

ADAC Automotive is a global, full-service, Tier 1 automotive supplier who has been designing and developing car products, such as exterior door handles, for more than 35 years.


ADAC was looking for innovative ways to integrate technology into door handles to make entry easier, improve the driver experience, and reduce costs and weight for fuel efficiency. External door handles are their specialty, so they hoped to identify new technology that would raise the bar throughout the industry and offer a competitive advantage for their primary customer, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


Working with ADAC, Skookum designed a prototype that provides keyless access to a car using Bluetooth proximity technology. Through a biometric wearable device, mobile phone or Apple Watch, drivers can unlock or lock their car without lifting a finger. They simply walk within four feet of the car to unlock it, or walk four feet away to lock it.


This seamless, effortless car entry technology makes the driving experience easier and provides new, exciting ways for drivers to interact with their car. What’s more, this solution came to life in just eight weeks. Through Skookum’s rapid innovation program, ADAC had the team and tools they needed to design and develop a working prototype quickly. The prototype was showcased at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

"The more proactive we can become in putting technologies in place that make it easier for drivers to get in and operate the car – that’s the technology that we feel our customers would be interested in."

Rob Bingle, Executive Director of Innovation