If you're like us here at Skookum, you love the suite of apps from 37signals. Basecamp is an integral part of our project management and client communication processes. They've made all their products so easy to use and so complimentary to each other, I'm not sure how a client-based small business can function without them (or something similar).

One of their apps that we use a lot (probably second only to Basecamp) is Campfire: the group-collaboration product. It's basically a glorified private IRC channel. Pretty much everyone in our company is signed into our Campfire main room all day long. We talk about ideas, post funny/geeky images & videos, and other general chit-chat.

We wanted an easy way for everyone to know when a new blog post was added to our website so everyone could go read and comment on the post. Out of this idea was born WP-Campfire.

WP-Campfire is a plugin for Wordpress blogs that will use the Campfire API to post a notification to the chat room of your choosing when a new post is added. It has support for customizing the message that's sent using variables like the article's title, author "nicename", post title, and link. The default behavior is to post a message in the form of: "New blog post by {author}: {title} - {link}", but you can change it to whatever you want!

Here's some screenshots so you can preview it without installing on your Wordpress instance:

Main Configuration Page:

WP-Campfire Options

Post Edit Screen:
Post Edit Screen

Check out the plugin and let us know what you think! (Please post support requests to the appropriate Wordpress.org forum, not in the comments here.)

  • Installation instructions

  • Upcoming improvements

  • Undocumented quirk: you should probably create a "dummy user" and use that API string to post the messages. The API will likely boot you from the room if you're in the room and WP-Campfire attempts to post a message as you.

Rest-assured: this post was posted to our Campfire chat room the moment I hit the "publish" button.

Rest-assured: this post was posted to our Campfire chat room the moment I hit the "publish" button.