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More woman power

Tim Roberson

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  • Publish Date September 26, 2013

More (wo)man power

Rails Girls is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the tech sector and creating new opportunities for female technology workers who may have shied away from an industry unfortunately prone to being a mostly-still-a-boys’-club. Rails Girls aims to teach women that the tech industry is a great place to make a living. They organize seminars around the world teaching Ruby on Rails to women as an introduction to programming and technology as a career. No knowledge whatsoever is required in order to attend the events.

Of course, Skookum was proud to host the first Rails Girls event in Charlotte.

We’ll Teach You Something… Bring Your Own Teacher

The Rails Girls organization does a great job of providing plenty of information on how to promote, organize, and host the event, but instructors are not provided. So as you might guess, the vast majority of instructors at tech seminars specifically for women…are men. Skookum wanted to change that, so we reached out to our friend Sandi Metz.

Sandi Metz - Rails Girls

Paging Dr. Metz

Sandi, or Dr. Metz as she’s sometimes known, is a prominent figure in the technology sector. A former professor at Duke University, she is an accomplished author of a book about Ruby on Rails and quite the motivational speaker. Sandi graciously agreed to teach at our event and brought along some of her female tech guru friends as well.

A Mole Hill Out of a Mountain

The response to the event was very positive. We managed to pack the house with eager and interested women all while managing to provide a good number of female instructors to demonstrate that there are women in the technology industry. With more events and vocal females in the tech industry, perhaps newcomers into tech won’t feel like they must climb over as many gender barriers on their own path.

Women at Rails Girls Event

Women at Rails Girls Event 2

Skookum Supports the Rails Girls’ Mission

Everything we can do at Skookum to support programs like Rails Girls and bring awareness to deficiencies in the industry we love, we’ll do. If organizations like Rails Girls are successful, the technology sector as a whole will be better for it.

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