Who Says Speed Kills?

Steve Nolan

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  • Publish Date December 21, 2011

Speed Kills

Skookum is wicked fast. Speed to market. Speed to prototype. Speed to minimum viable product.

Never is developmental speed more apparent than when I think back to my pre-Skookum sales life.

I ran a software company.

Same industry.
Same clients.
Same challenges.
And two completely different approaches to solving those same business needs.

![The Nun](

Perhaps my impressionable years of growing up in a Parochial school operated by nuns armed with wooden rulers lead to habits that played a role in my partiality for an inflexible, doctrinaire approach to application development.

I thought our 350+ page specifications documents were awesome. I thought our inflexible system produced predictable results. I thought our lumbering process equated thoroughness.

That all changed when I fell in love with Skookum. Skookum was the company I always _envisioned_ building.

Skookum was nimble.
Skookum was able to change course and turn on a dime.
Skookum was fast, unfussy, AND thorough.

Importantly, **Skookum also had a full toolbox.** At my .NET shop, we had one hammer, so every problem looked like a nail.

Skookum has its own creative department. Instead of waiting for innovation to come from Microsoft, SDW makes their own. Gone are the square buttons and pull downs of the .NET environment (and expensive licensees), and instead, I can now give clients, chic, state-of-the art solutions emphasizing **intuitive design** and **natural functionality**.

I admit it, I’ve become an **Agile convert** and enjoy nothing more than winning over clients both former and new. I like showing how they too can be better, faster, and more nimble. Ahead of schedule, and under budget. No fuss, just **shipped code**.

I used to think complex web-based application development meant one thing—mass.

Now I know I was wrong. Whoever said “Speed Kills…” has obviously never worked with Skookum Digital Works before.

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