At Skookum, we like to write some serious code... but we also like to let loose once in a while (OK, maybe more than once in a while). When I was approached to make a special beer for our company Christmas party this year, I jumped at the chance!
Grains and Malt I've been a pretty serious homebrewer for almost 2 years now. I've got plenty of batches under my belt and I just recently started putting my homebrew into 5 gallon soda kegs.

I decided on a few different styles I would enjoy making and then put it to a vote. Here were the choices:

  1. Nut Brown Ale

  2. Amber Ale

  3. Honey Amber Ale

  4. California Common

  5. Irish Red Ale

  6. Doppelbock

Brew Boil After a few days of deliberation, the Amber Ale had almost won. Then Justin pointed out that-of all the choices-the Doppelbock had the highest ABV. For some reason, after that comment, people started changing their votes! In the end, the Doppelbock won.

So after work I headed down to Alternative Beverage and got the materials I needed to brew this beer. After entering all the ingredients into my brewing software, we were looking at about 8.3% ABV on this one - pretty dead on the target where I was shooting for.

I think I'll be pleased with how this beer turns out. This is my first attempt at making a Doppelbock, so everyone at the party will be guinea pigs for this batch!

I took some photos and video of my brewday.


It's amazing how scientific and precise beer making is, while at the same time allowing for interpretation and creativity. Those are some of the main reasons I enjoy it as a hobby.

If you'd like to learn more about homebrewing, I'd highly recommend as a place to start, but there are so many resources out there on the web. You can get started with a minimal investment in equipment and ingredients and you can brew some great beer (sometimes better than commercial store-bought beers I've had) with a little time, patience, and know-how.

This post was not meant as an overview of homebrewing, but if you have questions, I'll gladly answer them for you (if I can) in the comments, or point you in the right direction for an online resource.

We take our beer seriously!