Skookum at SXSW 2012

Skookum Digital Works has three talks proposed for the upcoming 2012 SXSW Interactive Festival. March of 2012—yes, that's right around the corner now, isn't it?

We need your help.

While we feel very confident about the subject matter below, 30% of the judging for panel selection comes from friends and homies—like you—who we're asking to do us a solid and vote. Unfortunately, this means you're going to have to register for the panel picker (it's quick) so you can go click some thumbs-up buttons.

SDW supports your enthusiasm for said supporting. Of us. What we're saying is we think YOU will like this stuff. And we're grateful. Topics:

Pain: Fix Your Digital Production Process

Your's truly jumping into the game, here.

Digital work, on the Earth's time-scale-continuum that is, has become ubiquitous enough that most people—be it agency, client, or vendor side have felt the PAIN of a project gone wrong. You know how it is; stuff is either always late or over budget, and you're sadly becoming used to feeling like your next project is going to suck. You think it's just inherent with digital work, but it's not.

For a captivating hour, I'll explain what's wrong with your process and how to fix it. Hardly a session about finger-pointing or etherial pontification, I'll dish specific on the few things that each partner does to screw up the project and the courteous ways to come correct. Real-talk.

VOTE: Pain: Fix Your Digital Production Process
AUDIENCE: Advertising Agencies, Marketing Directors, Digital Vendors, Interactive Producers

Building a Non-Trival App in Node.js

Bleeding-edge developers need only attend (and if that's not you, trust us, this technology is crazy cool); time to geek out on an Apache alternative that enables us to completely rethink the modern web server.

SDW will talk about two, big commercial deployments using node.js and explore the benefits, trade-offs, and myths.

Also included will be tips and tricks such as "How to decide if node.js is right for your project," "How to convince your boss," and the answer to "Does node.js scale?"

VOTE: Not a Toy: Building a Non-Trivial App in Node.js
AUDIENCE: Jedi-Programmers, JavaScript Wizards, Super Tech Geeks, Interactive Producers


The post-PC era? Some say we're already there. Fast, user-friendly devices currently flood the market. Fragmentation abounds. Demands for mobile experiences are skyrocketing along with the cost of platform-specific development.

You're planning a mobile app...and for the first time you have a realistic alternative to "going native." This session will present you with the techniques, limitations, practical best practices, and enormous potential of mobile HTML5 applications. We'll also show great app success stories using HTML5, and you'll hear directly from our R&D team about real-world, mobile HTML5 solutions. Timely stuff!

VOTE: You're Doing it Wrong: Mobile HTML5 Apps
AUDIENCE: Advertising Agencies, Marketing Directors, Interactive Producers, Mobile Programmers

Like I said, you'd be doing us a huge service to take a few minutes to cast your vote. Also, let us know in the comments if you'll be attending or if you also have a topic we can bro-down on and return the favor.