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Technology Partnership with Denver Startup Week

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  • Publish Date July 28, 2019

We’re excited to announce that Skookum is teaming up with Denver Startup Week (DSW) to take their website and event app to the next level. As DSW’s official Technology Partner, we’re looking forward to helping their all-volunteer crew attract attendees and make the experience even better for them.

Three years ago, Skookum volunteered to create an app for DSW called Stumbl, which helps participants of the Startup Crawl event visit local companies and experience their culture firsthand. This year, we’re completely reimagining Stumbl and developing DSW’s new website as volunteers and sponsors.

Rye Finegan, Manager of Denver Startup Week and Innovation Programs, says the DSW team had a number of goals this year, including creating new networking opportunities for attendees, understanding their interests more, doing a better job of telling the Denver entrepreneur community’s story, and engaging that community year-round. The improved app and website will help address these goals.

Stumbl will help participants engage more with the companies they visit. It’s a mobile-first web experience, so users will find the app easier to use no matter their device. Plus, the app’s new geofence technology will help detect each participant’s location, give them directions to the businesses they want to visit, and record their visits so they can earn prizes.

Our team also developed DSW’s new website to drive registrations and provide a more interactive experience for attendees. While Skookum can provide both design and development services, we were happy to lead the engineering efforts for this project and team up with DSW’s design partner for UX and visual design.

“We’re excited to support Denver Startup Week and continue Skookum’s tradition of giving back to the communities where we live and work,” explains Michael Stevens, Senior Business Development Director in Denver. “DSW is such a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and young companies to network, learn, and grow through a week of free panels and speakers. We can’t wait to be part of it again.”

Rye reports that DSW is equally excited about our involvement. “Skookum has been a long-standing partner for Denver Startup Week and our Startup Crawl,” he says. “We truly could not have taken on this huge initiative without their partnership, support, and creativity."

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