Introduction to the Go Programming Language

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  • Publish Date October 7, 2013

Skookum Developer Chuck Preslar introduced us to the pedigreed programming language of Go. Developed by some of the top minds at a little place called Google, Go provides a programmers version of spell check, allows multiple processes to happen at once, and even cleans up after itself.

All Systems Go

Go was developed in 2007 as an open source, compiled, garbage collected and concurrent programming language. This just means that anyone can work with it, it cuts out the interpretive middle-men, it cleans up its own memory space, and processes can work concurrently. All this makes Go fast and easy.

According to Chuck, Go’s syntax is easy to read, write, and understand. Go could something for SDW and others to explore in creating new applications. Currently, the main languages like PhP, Ruby, Java, and Node.js are languages that need an interpreter to get down to machine code, Go doesn’t need an interpreter, it speaks the native language. Way to go, Go!

Do You Know Go?

• Go was developed by the good folks at Google who like giving away software
• Go will compile rather than interpret, bypassing a step and speeding things along
• Go allows processes to run in parallel, shaving seconds off of tasks
• Go cleans up after itself, freeing up memory when done
• Go’s syntax (the actual characters of the code) is easy to understand
• Go is as close to WYSIWYG as programming can get
• Go’s type safe is a programmers version of spell check

Go could very well be great new language to build applications and solutions. It does have plenty of advantages. SDW’s Chuck sure liked it, what about you?

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