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carlos and brittney25 Principles to a Healthy Software Development Team and Culture

We’re often asked what makes for good software development? How can I push the right culture for my IT/development team?

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Woman CodingWhen to do a Software Rewrite

It’s inevitable—there is always some part of the company’s code base that your development team would like to see redone.

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Website ContentWe’re Losing our Heads for Better Content Management

Explore the rise of the Headless CMS upon the content management landscape. We’ll discuss the benefits of decoupling content authoring from content distribution.

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john codingMachine Learning 101: An Introduction to Concepts, Terms and Applications

Machine learning, a computerized system that extracts meaningful knowledge from its recognition of patterns in data, is perhaps the best-known subset of AI.

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Shipping ContainersAll Things Kubernetes

Kubernetes has been a popular technology for quite some time on managing and deploying applications. There are many concepts and techniques to first grasp to fully understand it's power.

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Tirell codingAutomated Testing 101: What It Is & Why It Matters

Automated testing is a software testing method that makes use of different software tools to both control the execution of tests and improve testing efficiency.

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