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Bus_DeadlinesBusiness Perspective: Getting Serious About Deadlines

Along with the obvious gains in productivity achieved by implementing deadlines, there are some other valuable business benefits and imperatives to consider.

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Computer and mouseHow to Incorporate Computer Science in the Classroom

I had a small interest in computers, but very little formal education.Not surprisingly, I spent the first three years of college switching majors.

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Laptop OutsideThe Foundation of Working Remotely

Working remotely takes effort. If you’re a company that’s about to take the jump or has been working at it, there are a few key areas to focus on.

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Skookum Group WorkWorking Groups

It’s rather rare that we talk about what goes on inside the walls of Skookum. We have a number of rather exciting things we’re doing these days and it isn’t all about client feature development.

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05Write_Less_to_Communicate_More-1494357237561Write Less to Communicate More

If you take risks to communicate more clearly and learn from situations when people misunderstand you, your influence will increase to benefit your team and the community.

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Person looking out windowA Better Way to Fire People

Most of your colleagues suck at email because most of your colleagues suck at writing. Electronic, American business communication is full of fluff, superficiality, and trite nothingness. GET TO THE POINT.

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