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Brainstorming with post it notesValidating Ideas Through Concept Testing

Imagine what your innovation process could look like if you were able to collect all of the necessary customer feedback early and often, not only reducing the risk of failure but increasing the likelihood of success.

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video editingLeveraging Video for UX Research

High-quality video is one of the most effective ways to present information and persuade an audience (or a client) in the digital marketplace.

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buying shirtBeyond the Trends: Developing a Customer-Centric Retail Mindset in B2C & B2B

Customers have been left wanting by traditional marketing and overall buying experiences. For example, 51% of customers say most companies fall short of their expectations for great experiences.

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looking at booksAn ‘Outside-In’ Research Approach for More Productive, Better Informed CX Insights

We’ll explore a more customer-first approach and how to apply it to your next research project.

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Design ThinkingHow to Use Personas and Archetypes to Drive Shared Understanding and Digital Strategy

Designing products, services, and experiences that meet customers’ needs is foundational to success.

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Light bulb 2Understanding the Problem: Getting to the Heart of What Your Tech is Meant to Solve

Too often, there’s an overemphasis on a specific type of technology as the solution, without an underlying business case to support it.

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