Sublime Workflow to Best Coda?

Jonathan Miller

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  • Publish Date May 24, 2012

As a web developer, I am constantly looking for the next tool or resource to increase productivity. With tight deadlines and multiple projects simultaneously, any way to make my work life more efficient is appreciated.

For just over a year, my editor of choice was Sublime Text 2 (I’m actually writing this post with it now). It loads fast, it has few frills and it has lots of great features like split pane editing and Goto anything.

One thing it doesn’t have is built-in FTP support. I don’t always work on projects locally and often need a FTP client to push up my work. Because of this, six weeks ago I started using Coda from Panic. I’d been using Transmit anyway for my FTP needs so I figured using their editor and FTP program together would be a productivity boost. With a pretty painless site setup and a key combination to publish, edits can be pushed live as they are completed.

The marriage had been wonderful until I saw this post from Andrey Tarantsov.

I thought I had relegated Sublime to merely my text editor but reading this post inspired me to think that maybe Sublime could work the way I need it.

So I gave it a shot.

As somebody that is constantly annoyed when someone says ‘All you have to do is’ and then outlines 15 steps to achieve something that shouldn’t be so involved, I was a bit apprehensive to go through the steps to get some of these features installed out of pure spite.

For one, to install packages, you first have to install Package Control (that handles the installation of packages…).

The steps outlined in the post were relatively painless so I proceeded to the next step I was interested in: installing SFTP.

Again, not the worst thing I’ve ever done to install the SFTP plugin. The setup is a json file that is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve spent any time in web development. The key feature for me was ‘upload on save.’ This features does just what it says, it uploads your file as soon as it’s saved.

If I follow my efficieny rule, uploading on save is a lot faster than the aforementioned upload on key combination.

So have I switched back to Sublime? Not yet.

The thing is, some of the peripherial stuff in Coda started to grow on me in the past weeks that I’ve used it. I really like the way the left toolbar functions; Terminal built in is a huge plus.

I’m planning to use the Sublime workflow for another week or so to see if it turns the tide.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) Coda 2 comes out today, full of lots of new features to keep me intrigued. And probably make me rethink my workflow.

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