Tailgating and Why You Want to Live In Charlotte

BBQ and Tailgating

Tim Roberson

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  • Publish Date September 23, 2013

Meet Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan at Work

This is Joe.

Downtown Charlotte

This is the awesome building on the main drag of Uptown Charlotte where Joe works. It’s a mid-rise, whatever that is. But it’s shiny and houses the fabulous Skookum where Joe makes a salary being a tech expert.

Joe Ryan in the Kitchen at Skookum

That’s Joe above on the 15th floor Skookum Cafe. Beyond, he’s looking at the arena for the professional basketball team which is just several blocks away.

In Joe’s hand is a piece of healthy fruit from the freshly stocked kitchen. Lame HR organizations list fresh fruit as a "perk" in brochures. Probably tri-folded, printed ones. Joe just calls his fruit "tasty."

Viewing Skookum HQ from street in downtown Charlotte

This is where Joe’s office is at the tippy top of the shiny, mid-rise thing. Michael Jordan and Cam Newton have penthouses in the building outside Joe’s window. Joe literally looks down on His Airness. Nice work so far, Joe.

Joe Ryan's View

This is Joe’s view of the penthouses. Looks like a work in progress. Someday MJ and Cam will get it together. Someday.

Park near Skookum HQ in Charlotte

If Joe walks two blocks south of his office, Joe will see the fancy new, Romare Bearden Park. It was built with tax money that Joe pays because of his great job at Skookum. Joe partially owns this park.

Brand new BB&T Ball Park

From the lush green grass of the new park, Joe can see the brand new BB&T Ballpark. This time next year, the AAA Charlotte Knights will be playing there—within walking distance of Joe’s work—instead of far away Fort Mill, SC.

Panthers Stadium from Romare Bearden Park

From the view of the fancy new Uptown CLT park that Joe partially owns because he is a software expert, to the left, Joe can see Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Just like baseball and basketball, football (American) is just a five-minute walk from Joe’s office.

Joe’s Panther Tailgate

Joe Ryan and The Roaring Riot Tailgate

Eating at the Roaring Riot Tailgate

Turns out, Charlotte area software expert Joe Ryan runs a huge, open-to-all, free tailgate (donation suggested). This is Joe’s Panther Tailgate Party. Some say this makes Joe a Superfan, others say that he’s just a goodie-goodie trying collect $25,000 per season for a notable charity that is probably saving kids or dolphins or something.

Rebecca Siler and Heather Scott at Roaring Riot Tailgate

These are two of Joe’s coworkers looking cordial. See those smiles; they’re genuine (or look it anyway). Everyone at Skookum can stand each other so much, they’ll hang out at things together. Like Joe’s Tailgate.

It helps that there’s beer.

Joe Ryan's Roaring Riot Tailgate Vans

That black van on the right is Joe’s. After the tailgate party (and the football game) lots of other fans are going to their cars and driving home, but Joe has one more surprise. He walked to the game (or could have if he didn’t have kegs to transport).

Joe lives so close to football, baseball, basketball, and work that he walks or bicycles around town. What is this, New York City?! [ed. note: Charlotte is not New York City.]

Why You Want to Be Software Expert Joe Ryan and Live in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Do we feel like we know Joe? Lets review.

  • Joe has a sweet technology job breaking software in order to see it fixed.

  • Joe can walk to work and/or sports and/or parks in beautiful Uptown Charlotte.

  • Joe is either a Superfan or a Goodie-Goodie disguised as a Superfan.

  • Joe hosts one hell of a tailgating party, maybe the best one in the world.

  • Joe’s sweet job comes with cool and fun coworkers who like beer.

  • Joe looks down upon the best basketball player ever.

So, we’ve established that Joe is one lucky guy. We’re really happy that he’s here at Skookum. Would you like to be happy, too? We can help.

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