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  • Publish Date March 6, 2019

We talk about diet and exercise but don’t recognize the importance of sleep until we don’t get it. Important aspects of our health regulation are so deeply sleep-dependent. Current technological interfaces and wearables give us, the consumer, the power to decide the fate of our health. The opportunity to access the unique, healing, elastic cognition and ongoing longevity during sleep gives us more power over our sleep destiny. In turn, there are many ways to manipulate sleep, but temperature has a unique ability to throw a sleep switch in the brain and gives the sleep engineer access to optimize this precious resource. How can we change our sleep to get the most out of our day? Make sleep denser, deeper, and focused on the recovery you need most.

Todd and Tara Youngblood are the founders of Kryo Inc.

Kryo Inc. is a sleep science and technology company focused on the future of sleep-driven health. The team at Kryo has designed the only effective full-body temperature-regulation sleep systems. Backed by 10+ years of research and hundreds of five-star reviews, Kryo empowers customers to follow their dreams (literally) with their 100 percent natural sleep options. Our 3-year goal is to help 30 million people sleep better — one night of restful sleep at a time.

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