I swear. We are not.

All Types of Software Programming Languages

A quick look at the recent activity around SDW World Headquarters will tell you differently, but I stand firm. Our recent knowledge droppings include posts and talks on:



Objective-C iOS Blocks

Single Page Application development

3D Building Tools

Lying About Your Identity

.net (Hey, it's cool too!)

and even 5 days withthe Windows phone.

That’s barely scratching the surface of the seemingly never-ending display of knowledge you will find inside our office.

Even More Technology Knowledge Sharing

Amongst our ranks are speakers of majestic things. Hunter Loftis and myself spoke at ConvergeSE 2012. Snodgrass23 and David Becher did workshops at SXSW 2013. Mark Rickert and Hunter Loftis are speaking at ConvergeSE 2013. Josh Oakhurst is regular on business and marketing panels in Charlotte. Kenny Parnell wrote the C bindings for using Potrace from Ruby. And on the design front, Rich Robinson is a regular contributor to Unmatched Style.

We are not specialists in any one technology stack. We are not your standard client services studio. We are experts in problem solving. We are experts in adapting. We are experts in learning. We are experts in helping you. Your company. Your users.

I guess this is my way of saying...I really like building software with my smart colleagues at Skookum Digital Works.

It's fun coming to work when you work with smart and fun people.