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Skookum Logo Photoshop Fun

Josh Oakhurst

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  • Publish Date December 12, 2011

As the Skookum ranks are growing, so too are the office non-sequiturs.

Back in the spring, we had the fabulous Aaron Draplin re-work our logo which is just ripe for interpretation. We’ve heard it called everything from the "mother ship" to the "alien egg" to (my favorite) the "space volcano." (Also, I’m the one who says "space volcano.")

Skookum Logo Iterations

Recently, our Skookum design whizzes have been leading ad-hoc Photoshop classes for the guys who do nothing but stare at the Terminal all day. One of those forays quickly resulted in a round-robin PSD free-for-all with the results included below.

I know the one, Mr. Draplin would be horrified to see his meticulously crafted logo butchered in all manners presented; I hope to do a full writeup on the identity process at some point to show off some of the other great things we’ve yet unleashed.

Skookum Logo Photoshop Roundup (Gizmodo Style.

Honorable Mentions

From the Land of Obvious…nice try, Jason (probably the first time he’s used PSD, so good effort there).

Body Art from Hunter and James, respectively.

The I-see-what-you-did-there from Dustan.

An homage to the Carolinas, also from Jason (learning quickly).

If you pay your bills to SDW, you pay them to Don. And Don likes golf.

Banksy from Rich.


5. Tron from Jim.
5 tron1

4. "Starbury" from Chris (this got some laughs).
4 starbury1

3. Mischief. Mayhem. Node. From Rich again.
3 mischief-mayhem-node

2. Skookums Helped Build the Pyramids, from Jim again (two top fives, nice).
2 hieroglyphs1

1. 2001, from your’s truly.
1 2001 1


This was my blog post; you didn’t thing I was going to lose, right? (Also, I’m the only cinefile here, so I accept this first place award in protest. Y’all need to get right with Kubrick.)

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