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SHARE Charlotte Gets Even Better

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Pat Morrell

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  • Publish Date June 12, 2013

The sun beats down on your neck with the heat of a thousand… well… suns. You’re wearing that one long-sleeve t-shirt you own and those work-gloves you borrowed them from your neighbor, Carl. You’re holding a shovel.

It’s your annual organization of choice’s volunteer day. Once again, you’re doing manual labor. But you’re not a manual-labor kind of guy. “I’m a graphic designer,” you say. “I’m pretty awesome at it, and I love it. I dig this non-profit and the cause we’re helping, but couldn’t I help them with my tech chops?”

SHARE Charlotte v2.0

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Enter one of Skookum’s favorite clients, Kelly Brooks, and her recently launched v2.0 of SHARE Charlotte.

SHARE is a free — and technologically/civically awesome — website that matches you, aka “the neighbor”, with non-profits based on your personal passions and professional talents.

“How does it work?”

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Just go to SHARE Charlotte and create a profile. Then search for volunteer opportunities based on criteria like:

  1. “Who are you most interested in helping?” (Ex: Kids, Military Veterans, Seniors)
  2. “What are you most interested in helping?” (Ex: Environmental Groups, Arts/Culture Groups, Human Services)
  3. “Skills you’d like to share?”  (Ex: Legal, Medical Services, Graphic Design).

From there, SHARE goes to work and creates a tailored list of volunteer opportunities in your area based on your expressed interests and talents.

What Makes SHARE Charlotte Great

  • Technologically, this is an extremely smart and intuitive system. The SHARE platform we’ve built: 1) manages a large org database and growing lists of volunteer opportunities; 2) offers custom search features to deliver tailored search results; and 3) codes and categorizes everything so as to ensure accurate/relevant search results, and it’s lightning-fast.
  • Culturally, this is a great for Charlotte. With SHARE, everybody (lawyers, sales guys, construction workers, stay-at-home moms) can find a way to leverage their unique talents on behalf of non-profits that support their unique passions. It makes sense, right?  Do what you do best to help the causes you really care about.

Long story short, we’re psyched to be an ongoing partner to SHARE Charlotte and want to congratulate Kelly and her team on a job well done.

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