Chad Moon and Corey Daniels

Here's a question we often hear:

“Who are your best-fit clients?"

The answer is simple:

“Anyone who has overseen a successful custom software project...

or unsuccessful off-the-shelf integration.”

The Ideal Client Profile

We engage with personalities and innovative mindsets across all industries, job titles, departments or functions. And that's a good thing.

Just as our projects span the technology spectrum, we’re interested in a narrative-based client qualifier because it's far more indicative of the client's potential to be philosophically aligned with how we build custom software.

Title is irrelevant. Perspective is paramount.

Past Experience

Great-fit clients often experience one of two software development outcomes before working with us:

1) Terrible, awful, no-good, "why did I buy something off-the-shelf?" outcome.

  • Their offshore partner wouldn't return calls.

  • Project went WAY over-time and over-budget.

  • Nobody wanted to use the software once built.

  • IT gave them hell over security issues; or if they’re IT, someone else is gave them hell over usability issues.

  • Every InformationWeek/Inc/WSJ article on technology innovation still makes them feel like a putz.

  • They failed, and are extremely worried to go down the pre-packed software route again.

2) Awesome, revenue-generating, time-saving, boss-thinks-I’m-smart, custom software outcome.

  • They built a technology application that actually solves a unique business problem.

  • They worked with a business technology partner who employs innovation professionals to guide the project.

  • They incrementally reviewed app features during the Agile development process in order to stay on schedule.

  • They were under budget because unnecessary features were trimmed during preliminary user-testing.

  • IT (and/or marketing) is patting them on the back.

  • Every InformationWeek/Inc/WSJ article on technology innovation validates their decisions.

  • They won and can't wait to move on to the next project.

Favorite Client Signage

In either case, our ideal client has learned lessons that now enable them to make efficient decisions, set clear priorities, and avoid time-killing mistakes. They know what it takes to build complex, user focused, custom business software.

Business Technology Project Success Tips

In our humble opinion, ideal clients do the following:

  • Engage with the partner's team and empower them to think creatively; they trust the innovation expertise and proven process.

  • Never say _“Show me how you’ve done this before." _They know that they've hired a crew to build something that’s never been attempted before; there is no apples-to-apples comparison for disruptive innovation.

  • Understand that** they're purchasing a process, not a defined and static deliverable. **Custom software ALWAYS evolves through development and keeps evolving based on marketplace feedback and usage data.

  • Seek out business technology innovation partners, not IT vendors.

Vendor is a dirty word. You need a partner.

Building custom business software is really, really hard but really, really worthwhile.

When clients understand that technology evolution is a journey and then hire us to transform their processes and culture, there's no limit to where we can take their business.