Building Native iOS Apps Using Web Developer Friendly Tools

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  • Publish Date June 14, 2013

Building a native iOS app can be a daunting proposition for anybody: Xcode, Objective-C, Core Data, Xcode, Instruments, provisioning, Xcode. Not to mention XCode. But it can be especially tough for those of us who’ve gotten used to some of the niceties and conveniences of web development.

For an awkward few years, web developers and designers tried to avoid properly learning Objective-C using hackish Webview solutions like PhoneGap, Titanium, Corona, et al. But it was soon painfully obvious that any ease-of-use they provided was overshadowed by being slow and buggy.

But now, using great tools like CocoaPods, Pixate and Parse, it’s easier than ever for web and front-end developers — as well as even front-end savvy designers and product people — to create a solid native iOS app using technologies they’re already familiar with like plugins, CSS, HTML and cloud databases.

In this Tech Talk, Adam Howell will show how he stumbled through building a small app called Indistractable using just these tools and more.

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