Skookum Hardware Hacking Leads to Smartphone Adjustable Suspension Systems by JRI

An all-terrain vehicle jumps a sand dune

Tim Roberson

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  • Publish Date November 13, 2013

JRI, a leading supplier of adjustable shocks to the automotive world, needed a leg up on their competition. Vehicles with manually adjustable shocks have been the norm in racing and performance for a very long time. Already ahead of the curve, JRI had previously implemented an electronically controlled shock that was wired to a control panel in the dash. With the thousands of dollars spent on customizing cars, JRI thought a wireless control would be ideal for their clients. More convenience, less dash destruction.

Smart Shocks for a Smart Phone

JRI, quite smartly, came to Skookum with a groundbreaking proposal. Can an automotive shock be wirelessly adjusted from a smart phone/tablet? They wanted to create a simplified process to adjust the shock remotely, limit the installation hassle of a wired control interface, and equally serve the two main markets of off road and high performance car enthusiasts.

Thank you Bluetooth

With a focus on using BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4.0), Skookum was able to advise in the creation of a device on the shock itself and create the protocols that sent a signal to a smart phone/tablet. The technology we created allows wireless, smartphone control of the each shock independently, together as a whole, or as a joined axle.

Splash at SEMA

JRI was extremely happy with their finished application (it’s featured in the video above), and Skookum was able to finish development in time for JRI to launch their product at SEMA 2013 to a mountain of praise.

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