Case Study - Metal Marketing Group, Inc.

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  • Publish Date March 12, 2013

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Metal Marketing Group, Inc. is responsible for selling metal carports, garages, and barns. The old way of taking orders had sales reps flipping through paper binders and notebooks to cross-reference all the pricing rules. Cool, want the upgraded trim? That will be…oh. With a bigger window on the left wall? Sure, that’s…wait. And an extra foot of roof-height? Delete the trim now?

Pricing and orders got out of hand pretty fast with over 250,000 different configurations! And now, not only is the buying process streamlined, but the manufacturer also gets a more accurate order to put together the custom lengths and options.

Better sales previews means more sales. More efficient ordering means less mistakes and increased profits.

Technology for Non-Technical Businesses

More than anything, Tim knew his non-technical business could benefit from streamlined buying and ordering software. We’re happy to improve businesses from various industries, and learning about the unique challenges of steel building manufacturers has been fascinating.

Need a custom carport, garage, or barn? The design and build tool (In-Browser Google SketchUp + Business Logic + Dynamic Pricing Rules) will be happy to quote and preview a new building for you, right now.

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