Profitable Innovation: 5 Reasons Why Big Companies Burn Big Dollars When Ideating

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Pat Morrell

  • Reading Time  Min Read
  • Publish Date June 3, 2014

This Tech Talk is a 30min blitz on how big-money-making-and-big-product-shipping F1000 companies can avoid screwing up the innovation end-game.

(And I’ll start by defining what the heck "innovation" is… or, rather, what it should be…).


  • 2 metrics to measure "innovation"… the only 2 that really matter

  • 5 reasons / bad habits that explain why your favorite corporate logos burn through budgets when attempting to "disrupt" (HINT: it involves Pied Piper, Don Draper, & Nest thermostats)

  • 4 tips for how Innovation leaders can make actual progress and still see their kids every day.

And in the Skookum spirit of collaborative innovation, feel free to ping me if you want to learn more and/or review the deck live.

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