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Char_BlueCATC announces 25 finalists for Blue Diamond Technology Awards

The Charlotte Area Technology Collaborative (CATC) has announced 25 finalists across nine categories that represent exceptional technology solutions, innovation and talent in the Greater Charlotte region.

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BlockchainBlockchain Technology: Uses Beyond Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain has been closely linked with Bitcoin in the news, but there are endless uses for it beyond cryptocurrency. It has the potential to disrupt industries of all kinds.

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Looking at PhoneBetter for Business: Native vs Hybrid Mobile Apps

You’ve made the decision to develop an app for your business, but you’re unsure whether a native app or a hybrid app is the best fit for your needs. With over 65% of consumers reporting that their expectations for apps have increased over time, the decision you make next is an important one.

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charlotte_skylineHacking The City

In 2017, the media went all-in on stories about the retail apocalypse, self-driving cars, and drone delivery services – technologies that are being used to “hack” cities and transform urban planning.

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POC vs MVPWhat's the Difference Between POC and MVP?

Are proof of concept (POC) and minimum viable product (MVP) the same, or do I have to do both? Although each is vital to your product launch, they serve different purposes. In short, POC solves the question, ‘Is there a market for this?’ while MVP answers, ‘Will people use this?’

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solar_panelsTrends and Technology Driving the Rooftop Solar Revolution

As climate change takes center stage around the globe, solar energy is gaining more attention and popularity. Learn more about key solar trends, new technologies, and why access to capital is driving rooftop solar adoption in our latest Tech Talk with the CEO of Sunlight Financial, Matt Potere.

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