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Brad - WeatherBridging the Gap between the Forecast and the Social Science of Weather

Brad Panovich, Chief Meteorologist at WCNC-NBC TV, explores how people combined with modern technology can make the forecast easier and clearer to understand by looking at how we communicate the forecast and display it to the end user.

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Woman at desk using laptopStarting Your Career in Tech: a Job Search Guide for Recent Grads

Whether you’re a traditional or non-traditional college grad, a Millennial or an older candidate changing careers, or the graduate of a coding or design boot camp, your job prospects in tech are vast and varied.

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buying shirtBeyond the Trends: Developing a Customer-Centric Retail Mindset in B2C & B2B

Customers have been left wanting by traditional marketing and overall buying experiences. For example, 51% of customers say most companies fall short of their expectations for great experiences.

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Woman CodingWhen to do a Software Rewrite

It’s inevitable—there is always some part of the company’s code base that your development team would like to see redone.

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Health ClinicLeveraging Technology to Achieve Patient Centered Healthcare

In today’s healthcare environment, where the focus is on accelerating value-based care models and improving care, patient engagement has taken on increased importance.

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looking at booksAn ‘Outside-In’ Research Approach for More Productive, Better Informed CX Insights

We’ll explore a more customer-first approach and how to apply it to your next research project.

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