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question markDriving Innovation by Knowing Your Customer's Job to be Done

Jobs to be Done is a transformational theory about consumer choice that has been shaped over the past two decades by various individuals.

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codingInner Source: Bringing the Benefits of Open Source Into the Enterprise

An Inner Source approach to your organization's codebase enables your teams to collaborate more and empowers your developers to create more reusable solutions.

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coffee shopPowering the Experience Economy

The term experience economy was first used by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore in the 1998 article, Welcome to the Experience Economy. In the experience economy, the memory or experience that businesses create for customers is the product.

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racingFree to Fail: Turning Mistakes Into a Winning Digital Strategy

In digital, the best companies learn from their mistakes and quickly execute on those learnings.

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team computersWhy Risk It? Data Breaches and Product Design

Nearly every bit of information exists on a server somewhere today. This sensitive data is crucial for the day-to-day operations of every modern business.

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writing on glass4D Journey Maps for Next-Gen CX

We’ll explore the three journey map types that are commonly used in business and innovation today across three dimensions. From there, I’ll propose a new journey map type that will challenge us to go deeper in exploring and sharing experiences.

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