A couple years ago Moby von Briesen came and joined us a boy genius. Now he leaves us for college as a manboy genius On his last day he sent us this letter I’d like to republish here with permission.

To say we enjoyed having Moby on the team and seeing him grow would be an understatement. We wish him more than the best.

About two years ago, I had to find and contact three companies about sponsorships for the FRC team I was a part of. All I knew about Skookum at the time was that it developed apps or websites or something. And I kinda wanted in. So I contacted Skookum about presenting for my robotics team, and we got a slot for a Tech Talk. After my team and I presented, I approached Hunter Loftis and asked him if it would be possible for me to intern here, and he gave me that one autocorrect developer challenge as a sort of test. It was my first time using a Unix based operating system. And Node.js. And the terminal. But completed the challenge, and I started working for Skookum as an unpaid academic intern, coming in once a week to fix bugs and add features for projects [like an in-browser tshirt designer].


Now we're here. It's been a year and a half since I started, and I've learned more than I could have ever expected. I came in with Oakhurst-esque hair, a daily wardrobe of baggy t-shirts and cargo pants, braces, and the unfortunate mentality that I was all that. I've taken AP Computer Science and probably at least 3 programming/web development at CPCC, but none of those has come close to teaching me the skills that working at Skookum has. Furthermore, I never even got close to learning everything Skookum could have taught me, but I hope that the CS classes at [Georgia Tech] can make up for that :)

It's been incredible to work with the smartest people in Charlotte/the universe, and I'll miss you all. I will without a doubt be checking in on the status of the glorious Skookumite race over these next few years, and I hope you all will stay in contact with me.

Thanks for everything,