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Pat Morrell

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  • Publish Date January 25, 2013

We get a lot of calls from marketing/tech innovators and enterprise "intrapreneurs".  Lately they’re talking mobile, and they have a lot of the same questions.

  • "Native v. HTML5 — how do I choose?"

  • "What features should I try to live without?"

  • "What kind of team and talent do I need to build this thing?"

  • "How do I sell the mobile ROI to my boss?"

Forrester’s Michael Facemire heard similar questions. Hunter Loftis and other tech leaders, published a whitepaper aimed at quelling the confusion: "Putting a Price on Your Mobile Strategy."

Big props to Michael Facemire and his team for this killer report.  I had two big takeaways:

  • Own Expectations.  As a tech intrapreneur, you don’t always have the chance steer the business case for a mobile initiative.  But when you get the green-light, own the implementation, pinpoint your unique benchmarks and KPIs, and tie your budget requests to strategic business initiatives (i.e. "spending ‘X’ on these mobile app functions will enable our sales team to do ‘Y’").

  • Find & Fill Gaps.  Before you start, assess your mobile dev skills/tools, ID your user(s), define first-iteration app functionality, and set a realistic timetable with marketing and/or IT.  If/where you hit internal competency gaps, have external partners ready to step in or work with an expert partner from the get-go.

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