Rebecca Siler and James Hartsell

What would you say, you do here?

That is an excellent question, and one I ask myself on occasion. I recently moved from QA and testing into working on HR and operations.

I started off answering phones and being the resident event planner. Then, one day, they put me in some development classes and that was awesome. As the company has grown, so have our operational needs. Testing was really neat, but our Operations Manager, Don Post, asked if I wouldn’t also want to learn more about running the business day-in and day-out. Naturally, I said yes.

Part of that “we hire people, not positions” thing?

I am a people.

If you could only sing songs from one musical the rest of your life, what would it be?

Avenue Q is my favorite musical. That’s how I learned what the internet is really for.

Vagina Monologues is my favorite production, not so much for the show itself but because the funds go to support local women’s shelters and international women’s issues.

Why Charlotte?

Why not Charlotte? I get all four seasons, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get wherever I need to go, cost of living is low relative to other cities, we’re close to all kinds of cool things, and just an easy car trip away from cool geography-land-recreation-stuff.

Doesn’t everyone say that that about everywhere?

Yeah, but in Charlotte it’s actually true.

Rebecca Siler

Favorite bug from QA?

I once found a filter for user emails containing “rebecca.” I never figured out if they were trolling me.

How do you like programming?

It’s cool, and taking those classes reinforced how many languages all our engineers need to know. I have a lot more respect for them now. I mean...

I know what you mean.

Yeah. Thanks. And the classes, I didn’t get to spend as much time learning JavaScript, so I’m more comfortable with CSS, but I enjoyed the challenge. It’s a new way of thinking and processing information.

Not nearly as easy to pick up as some might think.

Drop some knowledge.

For some reason loops blew my mind while I was learning JS. I recognize this is unbelievably elementary code, but once it clicked, lots of other things started to make sense.

Rebecca Knowledge Drop

Oh snap.

Yes. Boom.

Her Comrades Take On Her

Operations Manager, Don Post on Rebecca:

Rebecca is awesome at juggling multiple operational projects, she stays on track and pushes projects to the finish line.

Fellow QA tester Chris Sikes on Rebecca:

Sitting in the same room with her most days, I think it’s all the rabbit food (carrots, celery) that fuels her energetic, happy go-lucky attitude. But I could be wrong...