Steve Moser SDW Interview Pic

What do you do here?

I create mobile solutions. More specifically I create native applications for the best (IMHO) mobile platform around, iOS. Also I’m a junior Nerf gun marksman but I’m quickly ascending the ranks.

Nerf Gun Arsenal *Skookum's Nerf Arsenal. Choose Your Weapon Wisely! *

How long have you been here?

This is my third full week. I started Dec 2nd, 2013 (19 days before the winter solstice).

Why do you want to live and work in Charlotte?

When you are 3 hours from the beach or mountains it’s easy to find something to do all year around in Charlotte. As far as work goes Charlotte as a city is growing fast and its technology community is growing faster. I was introduced to the tech community at Charlotte’s 2nd startup weekend and shortly thereafter pushed the eject button on my bank job and landed a job with a group of smart, forward thinking coworkers.

Why SDW?

The reason I work at SDW is the same reason anyone would give for a place they love to work, the people. Sure there are other perks like free haircuts and when someone asks you ‘What floor?’ in the elevator, you can respond ‘Top’. But at the end of the day, I get to work with smart, highly motivated people that come from a variety of backgrounds but somehow get along fine which is impressive given the size of Skookum.

Drop some knowledge.

If you are considering swapping a perfectly fine 305 throttle body injection engine for a 350 tuned port injection engine, don’t. Sure, the bragging rights that come along with the SBC 350 engine, and the extra .7 liters of displacement are nice especially when improving your quarter mile time. However, while tuned port injection is great for top end speed, throttle body injection is hard to beat for low end torque fun. And who cares about quarter mile times anyway? We can all agree that everyone just wants to be pushed back into their seat every now and then.

So, Mr. Petrol Head, best car in history?

That is difficult since there are so many different directions you could go with the answer. Every car is compromised somehow. With that said I don’t think any car oozes character as much as a DeLorean. Not only is the car unique with it’s famous gull wing doors and stainless steel body, but it has an interesting history with the owner of the company charged with drug trafficking. Plus, you can’t mention the DeLorean without talking about one of the best movies of the 80’s: Back to the Future.

BTTF Delorean *When do you want to go? *

What is the best Top Gear Travel Special?

I haven’t seen them all, but the opening of the Middle East special was unforgettable. That said, the best special (that I have seen) has to be the Bolivia special where all the hosts have to face their fears. I wasn't sure if they were ever going to get their SUVs off the raft in the beginning.

Best part of Bolivia Special, James tries to kill Jeremy with a Machete.